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Teaching Classic Literature Without Reinforcing Classic Gender Stereotypes

Refocused Literature offers authentic engagement with the concept of gender equality. What does the world look, sound, and feel like when genders are equal and therefore interchangeable?


This download includes:

  • A class handout with discussion questions
  • A teacher edition of the discussion questions handout



Ways to use in your classroom:


1) Add the handout to your current discussion of this story (students do not need to read the Refocused version to use the handout).

2) The easiest way is to make available the Refocused version of a story you are already teaching in your class. This will decrease gender polarization and help raise awareness of gender discrepancies in classical literature.

3) You can add a Refocused version or replace a classic version with a Refocused version in your curriculum to increase gender balance.

4) Finally, you can discuss gender roles when students read both versions to compare and contrast.


Help us show, not just tell, your students that all genders are equal.


All our best wishes for your endeavors to bring gender equality to your classroom!

Keira Jackson

Refocus LLC

The Lady, or the Tiger? Discussion Questions

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